I recently been watching a lot of your videos and they are very entertaining.. however, it would be very much appreciated if you would zoom in a little more especially on the dancers because they have the least publicity. They are also apart of the band and they deserve to watch themselves perform. Therefore, the band people and auxilliary can enjoy the best of both worlds.. Please show close enough so we can identify.. please consider this the next time you film... thanks pls.. no "viewer want to see ants" lol you still can year the band play and also watch the dancers, flags..etc. consider it

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Antonio "Still 2 Tall" Barrino said:
Truth of the matter is.....the dancers do what the dancers do....they are gonna always move the same way. IDK Y.....BUT.....BANDHEADS WANT TO SEE THE BAND.....JUST DO. DANCERS ARE NOT BAND MEMBERS...just a piece of the puzzle. I know people that would rather watch dancers than a field show....WHY???? We are bandsmen. Wanna hear the band. No matter how distant the dancers are, you still see them. lol......but as far as I see it, Without CAMERA MEN/ WOMEN, this site would be practically lost on some band stuff. I tip my hat to them. When I'm out of the band (and some of ya'll know I do it now) I will see to it ya'll get a lil decent meal....McDonalds or something. lol  (AMEN)

Im on the slight edge of agreeing with *SexyTrumpet. All videos are good footage, but some cameraamn be tripping and slipping when they zooming in on the band while they playing. It be like WTF you they tryna zoom in in the horns bell or they tryna get fingering for the song? lol.GOOD EXAMPLE on what I they SexyTrumpet is speakin of is one of Book's, DaEdge1, and DrumMasterFDT videos. They kinda get everything thats with the band. Now zooming in so you cand identify the dancers are a lil bit too much. Hope you get them some hot and spicy's or McDoubles when you see one of them recording lol.

It also can hwlp the videographer out with their sells on dvds or comments and views on youtube. Hope yall signed up to get paid by youtube.

... when capturing SU and Jackson, the dance teams are beneath the bands so they're always going to be seen..  My pet peeve is that I hate when folks who tape dance teams start their cameras AFTER the band starts to play lol

the best time to do this would be on the tuba breaks of songs...outside of the aux feature on the field,i myself dnt care 2 see tha stand 8 cnts..but then u gotta factor in percussion, who depending on the band stand to get less clips and publicity than the aux...i thinks its like dat wit everyband tho...u always to aux. team clips wk to wk...u see drumline on special occasions...


also these batteries do die lol..people record wuts worthwhile to them

I say stop complaining, get a camera and only record the dance lines.

yup, i agree!

Chris - Pinnacle of Hummanity... said:

I say stop complaining, get a camera and only record the dance lines.

lol agree's with Chris!
My vids showcase everyone. Look at any of my vids and you will see everyone thats in a uniform. & when Im in front of a bands they dont sound horrible on my recordings. If anyone has a problem with my recordings let me know so I can fix it. TnSU homecoming is comin up so expect to see those virtual battles to surface.
include instead of exclude..

Damien said:
It is suppose to be common sense for the others...But......Hey....You have aLOT of amateurs out there.


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