I KNOW WE ARE ALL READY TO SEE THIS NEW SQUAD LETS HOPE THEY BRING THE HEAT. Also i got a sneak peek and i believe pat is back she was dolled up and in a bonnet going to the band Hall so see y'all tonight.

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Is the girl leading from Whitehaven?

Joe Moore said:


PAT is BACK LAWD!!! get me off this flo!!! Tears of Joy! 

Pat and Mary on the back row. My life is complete! 

I dont know but shes sickening! Yassss. If shes from memphis then she's prob gone wreck shop! 

Peachyp said:

Is the girl leading from Whitehaven?

Joe Moore said:

Kayla’s about to go down as one of the greatest captains to ever come through JSY. I see the fire in her eyes. Sis about to tear the swac UP

Joy Joy Joy! So clean and beautiful!

SHE READY!!!! Kayla is about to deliver, this was just a TASTE! I'm ready for the Kayla vs Yasmine battle this yr!! Pat is back and i see Makalah from DD4L too!!

Kayla went all the way in on that bucking-count on the The SHow! Let me get my flights ready because these girls about to buck this season down. 

SHOUT OUT TO MY neighbor CAPTAIN Kayla for DOING a wonderful JOB TONIGHT! SHE'S THE BEST I'VE seen IN a while. I CAN'T WAIT FOR CAM and Makala to meet up this YEAR. MS D YOUR GIRL'S HAVE BROKE THROUGH @ congratulations!!!

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